Achieve More with a strong brand and clear position


When Gary and his team at ‘The Outdoor Fitness Company’ approached us to help re-position the company in light of new competition, part of the resultant brand evolution work we did with them was the development of the promise – ‘Achieve More’.

As our newsletter this month is about the role of internal communications in building an effective brand, we thought this was an interesting and relevant project to share.

The brand promise ‘Achieve More’ can be owned, believed and acted upon by both staff and clients – a positive ‘rallying cry’ that motivates, inspires and unites all in a shared purpose. By using this promise prominently in communications both internal and external, the statement becomes a powerful defining force for the organisation, its people and its activities.

The result of this united understanding and belief by all, is an organisation that has the strength of purpose to cement the brand as “The North East’s premier multi-activity fitness provider’.

“I am really excited about the clarity of the brand now as I really do feel its the missing link to most of what we’ve been doing.” Gary Nash, Owner.

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