Celebrating the Launch of Brain Balms

Wonderstuff began working with Nicolette Perry in 2017 to explore the potential and position of her natural and organic, scientifically based, products.  We developed names for the business to provide Nicolette with a platform to develop her range, in line with her goals. Nicolette, a Pharmacognosist, Education, and Science Director, specialising in aromatic plants for […]

Building a Brand to Be Proud of

Recently we were engaged to create a new brand and identity for a private label supplements brand. Part of the brief was to create an attractive brand which could target start-ups and fully fledged companies alike. After plenty of research, long conversations and iterations; Nutribl was created. A clean, ownable brand with flair. Creating the […]


We’ve invested time this week with an organisation in Manchester who are about to rebrand and had bad experiences in the past working with a designer. The last thing we wanted to do was work with them – and them be disappointed (again). So we talked. About why they felt let down in their previous […]

Make significant impact.

Make significant impact. Last week we spoke to the owner of a successful business. The conversation started with an enquiry about updating their website. It moved to exploring the goals of the business with regard to their audience and their abilities. The final conversation helped them realise that they – as the owner – needed […]

The £1 Million Cookie

Can you even imagine it. I can. Why? I was talking this week about long term vision and the example I used was this; If the goal is to sell £1 million of cookies, you can create a brand that sells 1 million, £1 cookies. Or you create a brand that sells 1, £1 million […]

Time is easy. Attention is hard.

Time is easy. Attention is hard. Don’t ask how your new brand agency how long the project will take. Instead, start by considering how much attention you will assign to the project. Having worked with many business owners of the last ten years, and being asked this very question – I can honestly say that […]

Your Brand is in the Hands of Your Audience

A bird in the hand… Here at Wonderstuff, we love a great visual showing how sharp our design work looks. But we love to see the work in the hands of the audience even more. Since seeing our packaging designs being picked up by customers in Tesco many years ago, to flyers being used by […]

We’re Creating Strong Brands

A strong brand improves sales and can provide owners with renewed confidence in their business. A strong brand can also be colourful, engaging, and joy to create. These are the uniforms for restaurant staff, as part of a wider rebranding project which we are working on currently. We’re busy with this and several other projects, […]

Are you ready to take the leap?

Thinking of running your own agency? Are you ready to take the leap? Wonderstuff will soon be looking to grow, but we won’t be looking for a jobseeker. We’ll be looking for someone ready to take the leap and be responsible for their own future, and for bringing value to the team and business. If […]

Stop. Look. Listen.

Not every day is about winning. Some are about planning. Some about achieving the body of work that needs to be done. Some are for stopping. Looking. Listening. To yourself and the world around you. Each week we find ourselves pushed, busy, and focused on the here and now. Under the belief that ‘doing’ is […]

Strategy gives direction. Name gives form.

Strategy gives direction. Name gives form. We’ve been working on a project to define the position, name, and identity, for an ambitious new venue in the city centre over the last few months. With some of the strategic elements and name now in place, the whole project is moving from an idea to a tangible […]

Defining Brand Purpose

What is your brand’s purpose? Why does it exist? If making money is the first answer, then think a little harder. What motivates you or all of the individuals within the organisation to come to work everyday? What change or development are you creating? Defining your organisation’s “why” is imperative to driving the desire to […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Wonderstuff

Ten years of gratitude. We have recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Wonderstuff. The last decade has provided a rollercoaster of, well pretty much everything, as we’ve enjoyed great successes with our clients and had our share of hard times. We are hugely grateful to the people who have been a part of this […]