Behind the brand – Nutribl

Troo Healthcare, a North East-based private label supplement business, asked us to create a brand for a new company they were launching. They had previously supplied both consumers and business clients, but the time had come to create a separate company to specialise in the business market.

We worked closely with the Troo Healthcare team on the new brief to make sure we fully understood their vision. This collaborative approach continued throughout the project on the development of everything from the brand name, brand identity, packaging, website and print collateral to exhibition design.

We created the brand name – Nutribl – based on the primary offering of the business. ‘Nutribl’ is also short and friendly, helping to position the brand as focused, modern and simple.

The visual identity was developed from an initial moodboard based on the concept of a capsule, where the brand was essential, functional and efficient. The chosen route built on the idea that while Nutribl would offer variety and a wide choice of private label supplements for its customers, many start with a single order of a single supplement. Therefore the logo contains a single capsule, representing the supplement, whilst the visual language represents the variety and scale of the overall offering. The typeface is simple, confident and bold.

The brand was applied to the website which was built by Troo Healthcare’s development team. There are plans to develop the website further to enable Nutribl to offer a full service for customers – from supplements through to e-commerce websites – ensuring that Nutribl becomes a key part of its customers’ businesses.

John North, director of Troo Healthcare commented: “Wonderstuff’s impact on the brand and their support throughout the development and launch at our London trade show has been incredible.

“They understood my goals and helped to build a strong brand which gained us immediate interest at the trade show and a list of potential customers.”