02  Identity

Working with you to create a brand identity that represents your organisation and gains recognition.

Our expertise lies in developing names and creating strong, recognisable brands which position you in the right place, at the right time to achieve your vision. Once created the brand identity is a hugely valuable tool-kit which will lead the creation of consistent communications material for your audiences.


Identifying your Archetype, anchoring your organisation and brand against a personality type that is already embedded and understood. Helps set the tone of your communications and focus on your key characteristics.


Documenting your organisations purpose, values, vision, and promise to ensure that all communications are strategic an in line with your brand.


Creating ownable and distinct names for established companies wanting to transform, and start-ups wanting to secure the right position.


Creating a visual and verbal language that reflects your brand - the tangible assets that become imbued with, and reflect audience perceptions and reputations.


Designing a distinct visual device that will be the cornerstone of your visual communications. Developing connections with, and recognition for, your organisation.

Colour Palette

Analysing and defining colours that convey your personality and allow you to create recognition and distinction for your brand.


Choosing type that has the right visual personality. Ensuring you have typography that is legible, flexible, and can be across all your internal and external materials.

Brand Identity Guidelines

Creating a document that explains and instructs how your brand’s identity elements should be used internally and externally across printed collateral and digital platforms.

Environment, Livery and Apparel

Branding physical environments, vehicles and uniforms to ensure each touch-point is part of a purposeful story that aligns and advances your brand’s strategic intent.

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