Brand Sprints at Entrepreneurial Spark

We had an inspirational morning running a Brand Sprint at Entrepreneurial Spark last week.  On one of the hottest days of the year, we kicked away with 3 hours of fast and focussed thinking, talking and writing.  Working with 6 distinct business entrepreneurs who are part of Entrepreneurial Spark’s business accelerator programme, we ran through vision mapping, the importance of purpose, meaningful values, business personality, defining audiences and ensuring a mindful knowledge of the competition.

The same questions with very different answers. 6 passionate and ambitious business owners each with their own powerful visions and motivations. The Sprint offered space for individual exploration but also the sharing of experience. Lots of questions were thrown in the air about how to ensure a brand is implemented day to day through all the actions and interactions of the business – eg. how to demonstrate your values throughout all the organisation – audience touch-points, why an organisation’s ‘why’ is such a powerful aspect of a brand, how to prioritise, segment and understand audiences and placing a business strategically in relation to the competition.

It is always a privilege to learn about people’s visions and drivers. You become connected to their journey, invested in them realising their vision. We’ve received some excellent feedback about the session and look forward to following and supporting the futures of these businesses.

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