Bricking it : Don’t build a Brand. Be one.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘building brands’, as if they can be put up around your business like a house, offering structure, support and shelter to your business – and making you more attractive and more profitable. They can. But that’s not going to last. Sure it’ll hold off the Wolf for a while as he huffs and puffs, but eventually you’ll want to move house.

If that’s the case, then it’s not a brand. It’s a brick wall.

It’ll shield you, and you can hide behind it (which can be useful), but it won’t let your customers in. It won’t let them see you as you are and, over time, it means they won’t believe in you.

A real brand starts the day a business launches.
It grows alongside the business. It is the values and beliefs of the business, that steer everything it’ll do, and over time, will become what your business is known – and loved – for.

These values should be clear to everyone involved in the business, from the Chief Exec to the Chief Bottle Washer. If they’re not, how will the business’s values be reflected when you go on holiday? Will everyone just do it how they think it should be done?

Make sure you have a clear vision of why your business exists, what it stands for, and where it’s going. Then as you grow you can add team players rather than temporary staff. Everyone involved will understand the business and work hard to be a part of it. Then you’ll be a brand.

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