Building a business, a brand, and a culture

Wonderstuff. 5 years and counting.

A little over 5yrs ago Wonderstuff set out to create a studio which delivered, every day, for not just it’s clients but also it’s team.

We’ve worked hard since day one and delivered some great, effective design work for clients. We’ve been celebrated with awards and publication of our work. We’ve explored our own creativity and produced products full of character, learning new techniques along the way. We’ve achieved everything we could have hoped for. So far.

Which raised the question for us – Where do we go next?

Before Christmas – which seems a long time ago now – we sat down, looked at each other and considered – who are we and where are we going? We know from our 5 years where we add value for clients, but were aware that we didn’t communicate it clearly enough. We know how we make life better for our team, and what we’ll do for them – but again, didn’t communicate it clearly.

So we did what we talk to our clients about. We sat down, made notes, explored and developed. And we wrote down our brands purpose, vision, and values. And our Brand Promise.

Invigorating brands.

That’s it. summed up in two words. To work with, and to help build, invigorating brands. It’s where we add the most value for our clients. It’s the most difficult part of delivering effective design. It’s what we live and breathe for as Wonderstuff.

So how does this change things and help us with the question – ‘Where do we go next?’. Well, if we know where we add value, it means we know where we don’t. So we can say ‘no’ if it’s not in the best interests our clients – which is better for them, and for us. It means our team can work with less ‘do this and then that management’ and more clear purpose, knowing what our goal is for every client we work with. It means new clients know what to expect and why to work with us. It starts a lot of small ripples which reach into everything we do. Every day.

And it answers the question for us – Where do we go next?

We work with invigorating brands, use design to effect change for clients, and grow into one of the best design studio’s in the country.

Download our one page Brand document here – WSS Brand Development

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