Your Logo is an Asset

Apple anyone? A thought about your logo. In financial accounting, an asset is any resource owned by the business. Anything tangible or intangible that can be owned or controlled to produce value and that is held by a company to produce positive economic value is an asset (Wikipedia). Your logo is an asset. It can […]

Feeling D.E.A.D. Proud

Last night we had the pleasure of attending Black Storm Brewery’s D.E.A.D. preview opening on High Bridge Street in Newcastle last night. A great night for the preview, but beers and nibbles aside, it’s great to watch a project pull together and come to fruition. Crafting the identity for D.E.A.D gave us an opportunity to […]

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Wonderstuff is dedicated to allowing your brand vision come to life. We understand that as as a business owner of any size, you’re juggling a lot of priorities, and commissioning design may not be top of the list. While we all accept that the tangible deliverables are easy to spec (logo, website, packaging, brochure, etc.) […]

Getting Your Brand On-Shelf

Proud to once again see our work help secure supermarket listings with Black Storm Brewery now in 56 Co-op stores. Wonderstuff have supported Black Storm Brewery, working with the founder Paul Hughes, to create the branding and core range of four beers since 2017. The beer bottle labels, designed to launch the brewery’s brand and […]

Highlight on: Brand Strategy

As Wonderstuff quickly approaches its tenth anniversary (how time flies!) we’ve been reflecting on how we have crafted and refined our services beyond just delivering great design work. This month we have been thinking a lot about Brand Strategy, and how we can develop and define your brand goals. From clarifying your purpose and audience to reviewing your […]

Where Does Experience End and Expertise Begin?

Expertise. Where does experience end and expertise begin? Our founder, Paul, has been working on packaging projects for around 20 years. Many of the designs Paul has worked on – and that Wonderstuff as a team has developed – have been listed in major supermarkets, whenever that was the clients objective. It certainly means that […]

Brands and Mortar

We’re currently engaged on two brand projects in Newcastle city centre – both real world, leisure-focused, environments. Bringing a real-world location to life – and ensuring that the brand, branding, building, and business aspects all align, is always an exciting challenge. The journey, like most, starts with understating. Vision. Audience. Expectations. Only then can we […]

New Gin Brand Launch

We recently completed the design for Black Storm’s first distillery product – Bottled Storm Gin. Small batch and craft distilled, the gin is distilled in batches of 40 bottles at a time. Launching at CarFest in Hampshire, and here in Black Storm’s home – the North East – over the bank holiday weekend (25th August […]

Brand’s Best Friend

God is said to have created man in his own image.  Truth or story, it illustrates something key about the reasons humans make the choices they do, and why we are attracted to, and become loyal to brands. We are instinctively attracted to things that resonate with our beliefs and reflect our personality. Those of us […]

TOMS: The One for One Company®

91% of millennials today prefer to buy from companies associated with a social cause. 72% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t. Knowing the ‘why’ of your company and allowing it to take centre-stage can have a huge impact on the success of a brand in today’s market. […]

An Age of Aesthetics

“The reality is that graphic design is a profession wholly in thrall to its own visions of formal beauty. Beauty is the single quality designers most value and crave” – Rick Poynor   As Jeffery Keedy said, we are living in an ‘age of aesthetics’, and as designers it is inherently within our nature to […]

When Life Gives You Lemons…

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, with all this talk about love, we got thinking about beauty. Not just beautiful people, but beautiful brands. But what really is beauty, and what value does it hold in today’s heavily oversaturated visual culture? Lets discuss aesthetics – a branch of philosophy that deals with art, beauty, […]

Season’s Meetings*

Our second annual Season’s Meetings* finished today. Our celebration of goodwill and festive spirit – we have welcomed in our clients, business friends, and local businesses, to hold one of their December meetings at Wonderstuff. As well as an opportunity for teams to get out of the office, we really enjoy saying hello and catching […]

Achieve More with a strong brand and clear position

  When Gary and his team at ‘The Outdoor Fitness Company’ approached us to help re-position the company in light of new competition, part of the resultant brand evolution work we did with them was the development of the promise – ‘Achieve More’. As our newsletter this month is about the role of internal communications in building an effective brand, we thought […]