Season’s Meetings*

Our second annual Season’s Meetings* finished today. Our celebration of goodwill and festive spirit – we have welcomed in our clients, business friends, and local businesses, to hold one of their December meetings at Wonderstuff. As well as an opportunity for teams to get out of the office, we really enjoy saying hello and catching […]

Achieve More with a strong brand and clear position

  When Gary and his team at ‘The Outdoor Fitness Company’ approached us to help re-position the company in light of new competition, part of the resultant brand evolution work we did with them was the development of the promise – ‘Achieve More’. As our newsletter this month is about the role of internal communications in building an effective brand, we thought […]

PHI PIE Food Branding

We are big fans of Greek food here at Wonderstuff and were delighted to work further with premium food company PHI FOOD, importers of high quality and organic products from carefully selected growers throughout Greece. Our previous work helped define their brand and vision, and resulted in the creation of the PHI parent company identity […]

Alice in Wonderstuff

From 14th of May to the 2nd of October the Laing Art Gallery hosts the Alice in Wonderland Exhibition where you are invited to tumble down the rabbit hole and “explore the different ways generations of illustrations, artists, musicians, filmmakers and designers have been inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic tale”. Safe to say Wonderstuff could […]

You Call That Ambitious?

We’re not alone in saying that we work with ‘ambitious’ organisations. Just a quick glance around the internet and we can see that us brand and design consultancies are all apparently after the same market; …creative partners to ambitious leaders… Disruptive thinking for ambitious brands …work with ambitious organisations to create and activate ideas… Powerful brands for ambitious businesses …help ambitious organizations turn their passion into […]

Barbel — Feast on Freshness

In September 2015 a client approached us with the vision of creating a fast food brand capable of disrupting this ever increasing industry within North East England. We worked closely with the client through our Brand Development programme to understand and clarify what would set his brand apart from the many other fast-food restaurant brands in the local area. Starting […]

GetDigital North East

On Thursday 17th March 2016 Wonderstuff attended GetDigital North East, held at CastleGate, to meet with the top Creative and Digital Media Companies in the North East! Amongst the 42 different stalls and workshops displaying website design, graphic design, animation and more – we noticed that most people were drawn towards the Hammerhead VR stall, […]

11 Lessons in 11 Months.

Getting into the creative industry is becoming more and more of a challenge, the market is swarming with professionals and graduates all applying for the same job. I have read countless articles about ways to stand out from the crowd, how to ace an interview, etc. And so you’ll be relieved to hear I’m not writing […]

A Strong Brand and a Great Campaign

Last night it was the DBA’s annual Design Effectiveness awards. For those of you that don’t know (and I’m guessing that’s most of you); the DBA are the trade association of design in the UK and champions of designs tangible value to business or ‘design effectiveness’. To celebrate and recognise relationships and projects where design can […]


So you’re a small business owner, why on earth would you pay attention to the advertising around the NFL Super Bowl? You can’t afford it, plus advertising like this is only for the big brands, right? Wrong. Watching the way brands swarm around the Super Bowl has become something of a spectator sport in the last few […]