A Brand With Spirit

Our latest project, Durham Distillery launched last week and has been an instant success. It’s flagship product Durham Gin was first available at the Newcastle Whisky Festival and the 100 bottles of limited edition first batch gin sold out before the day was done. That has been followed this week by the launch of the […]

A Prescription Promise

We take seriously our professional obligation to begin at the beginning, and we never put our clients or ourselves in the position where we are prescribing solutions without first fully diagnosing the client’s challenge. There are four phases in our client engagements: 1. Diagnose the problem/opportunity 2. Prescribe a therapy 3. Apply the therapy 4. […]

A Tender Subject

In the run up to Christmas a tender for creative work surfaced that generated an overwhelming response. Now the dust has settled, we offer our thoughts on Gentoo Group’s approach and why the whole tender process is wrong anyway. Sadly, tenders and pitches are relatively common in the world of the creative nowadays, and generally, […]

The Winds of Change

The winds of change are all-a-blowing here at The Hayloft. Whilst we’re sad to see our long-term office-mates and collaborators Consult and Design move the majority of their team over to Sunderland Software City, it’s also great news for us as we’ve been able to spread out. Having the double the space couldn’t come at […]


Well it’s Friday, and boy what a week (and month) it’s been for us here at Wonderstuff. When we’ve not been crafting the identity, promotional material and interior graphics for the north-easts only boutique bowling venue Lane7, developing the brand and supporting material of Dalgety Bay’s newest bar, kitchen, deli Lóuie Brown’s, designing floors and […]

Talented Graphic Designer?

Wonderstuff are looking for a talented graphic designer to join the team. You’ll be working with a wide range of clients, within an exciting, innovative and friendly design studio. The role covers all aspects of creative, from branding and identity to printed literature and digital design. If this could be you then please email us […]