For business growth, budget for ‘brand’.

A Wonderstuff 365 article. Make them count. As one (financial) year ends… While managers are focussed on achieving goals for this financial year, most boards – and owners – spend these last months planning the year ahead. Planning to invest in growth? Planning usually includes the growth of the organisation, and the resources required to […]

Don’t be the 9 to 5 guy

My two months as an Intern. By Patrick Pyka, Design Intern, Wonderstuff I was a second year, more than half way through his Graphic Design degree, looking forward to a semester which I would later learn to be the busiest few months of my life. The imminent tasks of finalising portfolios and applying for internships […]

Design Interns – It’s not about the coffee…

  Why hiring design interns can benefit your organisation. There are several benefits to hiring a design intern in your organisation. Forget about the pair of extra hands during projects, and the occasional cup of coffee – it gives your employees a chance to teach another person their individual skills and what they have learned […]

Transform Conference Europe; The annual conference on Brand

  On Thursday, July 7th 2016 Paul (Founder) and Merlin (Brand Consultant) attended the Transform Conference Europe. Titled as “The annual conference for rebranding, reposting and transformation” and with a host of great speakers including; Chris Nurko, Global Chairman, Futurebrand Max Holliday, Director of Real Estate, WPP Hannah Wilson, Head of Marketing, Gumtree Kirsten Walkom, […]

You Call That Ambitious?

We’re not alone in saying that we work with ‘ambitious’ organisations. Just a quick glance around the internet and we can see that us brand and design consultancies are all apparently after the same market; …creative partners to ambitious leaders… Disruptive thinking for ambitious brands …work with ambitious organisations to create and activate ideas… Powerful brands for ambitious businesses …help ambitious organizations turn their passion into […]

11 Lessons in 11 Months.

Getting into the creative industry is becoming more and more of a challenge, the market is swarming with professionals and graduates all applying for the same job. I have read countless articles about ways to stand out from the crowd, how to ace an interview, etc. And so you’ll be relieved to hear I’m not writing […]

A Strong Brand and a Great Campaign

Last night it was the DBA’s annual Design Effectiveness awards. For those of you that don’t know (and I’m guessing that’s most of you); the DBA are the trade association of design in the UK and champions of designs tangible value to business or ‘design effectiveness’. To celebrate and recognise relationships and projects where design can […]


So you’re a small business owner, why on earth would you pay attention to the advertising around the NFL Super Bowl? You can’t afford it, plus advertising like this is only for the big brands, right? Wrong. Watching the way brands swarm around the Super Bowl has become something of a spectator sport in the last few […]