Pentagram. Five Points.

Thusday, 22 Oct 15, the Wonderstuff team attended the William Russell talk at the Northern Design Event at the Swan. We attended a talk about Pentagram and as William Russell is a recognised architect, now stationed at Pentagram, were all excited to learn more about this well-known design firm. William took us on a journey […]

A Magical Rug Ride with Chris Haughton.

On October 20th Karl (Senior Designer) and Paul (Founder) had the pleasure of attending the Northern Design Festival and a talk by children’s illustrator and co-founder of ‘made by NODE’, Chris Haughton. Here’s Karl’s thoughts on what turned out to be quite the ‘magical rug ride’.   Chris is well known in the industry for his playful yet textured […]

Your brand is a toilet

Oh yes it is. There are so many organisations out there that only consider their ‘front of house’ when they decide how they represent themselves. Restaurants and retailers are the ones we think of most with this clear break, but service based organisations are equally liable to do this too (with their marketing or products […]