We’ve invested time this week with an organisation in Manchester who are about to rebrand and had bad experiences in the past working with a designer.

The last thing we wanted to do was work with them – and them be disappointed (again). So we talked. About why they felt let down in their previous experiences. About what in their eyes had gone wrong. About how Wonderstuff work. About what to expect.

We wanted them to be 100% sure we were a good fit. And to give them confidence? We gave them a money-back guarantee. Why? Because we know that we can deliver the work required. And the real work is not the rebrand. It’s taking the client on the journey to the right solution. Client satisfaction.

Know Why. Then Do.

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

New Work. BrainBalms.

We’re proud to share some newly released work for BrainBalms. We’ve been working with Nicolette since August 2017. A journey that began with developing a clear understanding of their customers, ambitions, position and goals.

With that knowledge and clarity we supported Nicollette, creating the brand name, brand identity, and packaging to enable her to launch the products at the scale that fit her strategy.

The project hasn’t been ongoing for two years. Due to business reasons the project paused for a significant time, and when Nicolette was ready to drive it forwards, we were there, armed with the knowledge we’d built up, and our knowledge of changes in the market, to support her going forward.

The products launched in retail last month, and has already started to prove effective in driving engagement and sales for the business. We’re currently developing a simple e-commerce solution to enable her to start her online journey too. Because this is just the start of the brands journey.

Know Why. Then Do.

Work in progress

Here’s a peek at some new work that’s in development in the studio. Vibrant colours. Friendly messaging.

Tech focussed illustrations. We’ll share more soon. Remember. Developing a strong visual brand takes bravery. Developing a clear position takes time. Build your brand day on day. Year on year.

Know Why. Then Do.

Work with people you’re aligned with

We feel privileged that more and more we’re able to work with clients that we’re aligned with. They respect our experience and expertise, and we listen – to understand them and their businesses challenges.

Then together we develop creative solutions that will help their business. And without a doubt, I learn something from them. Both parties benefit from good relationships built on trust.

Know Why. Then Do.