Is it a bird? No it’s a brand

Twitter is the bird, and the bird is Twitter.

We’ve been happily using Twitter for about three years now and noticed they’d recently unveiled its ‘new bird’ logo. Less than six years after its launch Twitter made the decision to drop the text from their logo, stating that the new stylized bird will become a universally recognisable symbol of the brand.

The new bird is an evolution from the previous, showing a new brand without jumping suddenly that any brand recognition is lost. We’re all still able to immediately recognise the ‘Twitter’ bird, he’s just got a new personality! Whilst Twitter’s new branding approach may have been a surprise for some, in theory its not that big of a move.

“As an SME, you’re significantly represented by your name, not by your icon”

We ourselves have always said that as an SME a ‘logo’ needs to have wording and not just an icon. The simple reason being that as a small business, you’re significantly represented by name, not by ‘icon’. This can change over time (just like Twitter has done) but only after a significant amount of investment in marketing the brand has been made. So, if your confident that your customers will recognise your business by ‘icon’ alone then dropping the name from marketing material can have its advantages as not having your name is a very strong signal as to the success of your brand.

The bird has already become recognised worldwide and therefore the decision to drop all other symbols previously associated with the brand is an obvious one.

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