Launch it. Revive it. Sprint it.


As a brand and design consultancy, making the case to business owners on the importance of strategic design is one thing, convincing them on the value and importance of defining their brand is much more complex. So, to show our conviction, we’ve designed 2 FREE brand sprints to prove the worth of your brand to you. The sprints are 3 hours of fast activity to explore and define your vision and brand.

If you are a start up or young business wanting to connect with your customers – ‘Launch it’
If you have an existing organisation that needs a good stretch and workout – ‘Revive it’

Email or call 0191 447 2727 to arrange your Sprint.

The Sprints

Start the clock and prepare to focus on your vision. These morning/afternoon sessions are dynamic and productive. Designed to delve deep, they explore and draw to the surface, the key information required to define or refine your organisation’s brand and vision.  We have 2 different sessions, one tailored for start up and young organisations (Launch it) and another for existing organisations (Revive it).

With a whiteboard, paper, pens and people, we work through your business’s Vision, Purpose, Values, Audiences, Personalty and Competitive Landscape.

The results of your sprint are captured and documented during the session, so you are ready to go the minute the clock stops, along with the evidence that understanding and applying your brand will help your business thrive.


3 hour sprint session, held at Wonderstuff, with drinks and snacks to keep you focussed.
1-6 participants from your organisation, facilitated and supported by 2 of Wonderstuff’s leading team.

(One of your group must include a decision-maker, an executive or owner of the organisation. Unless a sole-trader, it is desirable to have a facilitator, often a marketing person, that has good writing skills.)

Launch it

The kick off session for startups and scale-ups. This sprint helps clarify not only what you do, but how you do it, why you do it and who will be interested in what you have to offer. The session will help you understand the value of your brand to your business, with the results informing how you develop the nature and culture of your business and how your product, service or experience attracts, communicates and retains customers.

Revive it

The ideal session for businesses that have recognised it is time to revisit, reinvigorate and/or reposition their brand. As the session is concise and documented on the day, it is an excellent way of running through all the key aspects of your current brand in order to pin-point the areas that need attention based on your current position and intended strategy for the future.

Email or call 0191 447 2727 to arrange your Sprint.