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A beginning, a middle, and sometimes – but not always – an end. Stories are human. We think in narrative form. They resonate and are remembered by devotees who can quote lines, thrill in the details, and enthusiastically share with others.

Whether the story is visual, written or audible, the person telling the story brings the subject alive. By connecting and understanding the big picture themselves, they engage and enthuse their audience.

Brand stories are the same. A purpose, a journey, a storyteller, and an audience.

Most brand stories are created to communicate and engage with their clients and consumers – external to the organisations. But the people within the organisation, including those tasked with communicating to consumers, are often forgotten, leaving them unsure of the full story.

An organisation that invests in its staff to make the brand as alive on the inside as it is on the outside, will reap rewards, with an increase in morale, commitment and purposeful productivity. Helping employees understand that their role is important in turning the brands aspirations into reality connects them more definitively to the story.

If you’re not inspiring your staff to be brand ambassadors, you’re missing a business opportunity.

Internal communications are historically under-managed and undervalued, limited to emails, newsletters and other hands-off methods that tell staff what to do for the organisation rather than what the organisation does for them. Organisations fail to acknowledge that their staff are one of their most powerful brand assets, with a communication strategy to engage them being as important as external communications.

Deciding on how and when to engage in brand awareness and engagement activities with employees is pivotal to their success, as is true of all communications.

Adopting a participatory approach from the start is of course best, followed by regular and sustained activity.  Having an internal person or ‘team’ that is responsible for championing these initiatives internally and externally will maximise their intent.

March is the time most organisations are refining their next financial year brand strategy, so if that’s you, have you included a section for internal communications?

If not, consider how much richer your story will be by keeping your staff on the same page.

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