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How can we help you right now?

We might be in lockdown, but we can still create opportunities for each other. I started Wonderstuff 11 years ago (this month) to add value for business owners, through brand and design. We are all facing our own challenges right now, but my

Stay Positive

I’m sending positive vibes! We’re into our second week of working from home and are making sure we stay positive. What are you doing to stay positive? I’ll be keeping myself inspired creatively by looking at lots of other studios

Inspiring Actions in Changed Times

It’s an unprecedented time of change, and businesses are doing amazing things.  Examples we’ve spotted* in the food and drink sector are breweries and spirits manufacturers switching production to make hand sanitiser, including many UK-based companies. These businesses are going above


Today’s blog post is all about positivity! Make Use. Use every opportunity. Everything that goes well. Use it. Everything that doesn’t work out. Use it. It’s hard to be on top of your game every day – so it’s important

Black Storm Brewery Design Collaboration

Black Storm Brewery has worked with brand and design agency Wonderstuff, independent illustrators and craft breweries from around the country to create its 12 Beers range. Each limited edition brew comes in a distinctive can reflecting its ingredients, flavours or

Culture Montreal

Kerry’s Top Picks

Given my background in teaching, I have a love for sharing, supporting and inspiring others around me. From the beginning of 2020 I’ve challenged myself to share incredible creative work on my LinkedIn daily that has particularly caught my eye,

Welcome to our New Design Director

Kerry Neesam has joined our team as design director. Kerry graduated from Teesside University with a first class honours degree in graphic design in 2013. She worked in various agencies in the north east before moving to London to join

Last Chance to Win Your Free Discovery Workshop

Our impact lasts. But this offer closes on Sunday. We’re kicking off the year by giving one business owner a Free Discovery Workshop. If you’ve realised that the year is already picking up speed and your goals aren’t clear, our

New Year. New Opportunity.

One of our talented designers is embarking on a new phase of their journey, soon to leave us for a new challenge. So we’re interested in meeting a superb human who’s ready for change – and who wants to support

Work featured on CreativePool

It’s always nice to see our work featured.  This time we’re featured on global design site CreativePool, alongside agencies I’ve respected and admired for years, including Mother, B&B studio, Coley Porter Bell and more. The project featured is the rebranding of Newcastle based world

Celebrating the Launch of Brain Balms

Wonderstuff began working with Nicolette Perry in 2017 to explore the potential and position of her natural and organic, scientifically based, products.  We developed names for the business to provide Nicolette with a platform to develop her range, in line

Building a Brand to Be Proud of

Recently we were engaged to create a new brand and identity for a private label supplements brand. Part of the brief was to create an attractive brand which could target start-ups and fully fledged companies alike. After plenty of research,


We’ve invested time this week with an organisation in Manchester who are about to rebrand and had bad experiences in the past working with a designer. The last thing we wanted to do was work with them – and them

November Dribble Meetup

Wonderstuff founder Paul Alderson is speaking at the November @Dribbble meet-up on Friday, 1 November at Star & Shadow Cinema. Talking about design as a business, motivation, risks and (his) mistakes! http://nvite.co/rxv9mm

Make significant impact.

Make significant impact. Last week we spoke to the owner of a successful business. The conversation started with an enquiry about updating their website. It moved to exploring the goals of the business with regard to their audience and their

The £1 Million Cookie

Can you even imagine it. I can. Why? I was talking this week about long term vision and the example I used was this; If the goal is to sell £1 million of cookies, you can create a brand that

Time is easy. Attention is hard.

Time is easy. Attention is hard. Don’t ask how your new brand agency how long the project will take. Instead, start by considering how much attention you will assign to the project. Having worked with many business owners of the

Adding value, being busy and making time.

Here at Wonderstuff, taking time to reflect on topics that matter most to us i important. Reflecting gives us a chance to understand our industry better, dig deeper into our own businesses and enrich our personal lives… Business is untidy.

Your Brand is in the Hands of Your Audience

A bird in the hand… Here at Wonderstuff, we love a great visual showing how sharp our design work looks. But we love to see the work in the hands of the audience even more. Since seeing our packaging designs

We’re Creating Strong Brands

A strong brand improves sales and can provide owners with renewed confidence in their business. A strong brand can also be colourful, engaging, and joy to create. These are the uniforms for restaurant staff, as part of a wider rebranding

Are you ready to take the leap?

Thinking of running your own agency? Are you ready to take the leap? Wonderstuff will soon be looking to grow, but we won’t be looking for a jobseeker. We’ll be looking for someone ready to take the leap and be

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