Well it’s Friday, and boy what a week (and month) it’s been for us here at Wonderstuff.

When we’ve not been crafting the identity, promotional material and interior graphics for the north-easts only boutique bowling venue Lane7, developing the brand and supporting material of Dalgety Bay’s newest bar, kitchen, deli Lóuie Brown’s, designing floors and doors ahead of the opening of Grey Street’s latest bar Dacantus or ‘researching’ gins (*hic*) in preparation for the launch of Durham’s first craft gin distillery Durham Distillery, we’ve been producing concrete book ends, laser-etched posters and generative art pieces for this years Northern Design Festival. Needless to say, we need a sit down (and a deep breath).

The month ahead looks to be just as busy and we continue to search for that ever elusive gem of a designer to join our growing team. So if you think that might be you or someone you know, don’t hesitate to email us explaining why you’re brilliant and what you’ll bring to the team at griffins@www.wonderstuff.co.

In other news, its only two weeks till team Wonderstuff competes in the Kielder Run Bike Run. With whizzy Creative Wizard Merlin Duff leading us on the fist 11k and Kevin ‘Piston Legs’ Robson taking the middle 25k bike section, it’s all on our feared leader Paul to bring us home and secure us the crown. If you’d like to cheer us on let us know and we’ll dig out the pom-poms specially.

Anyway, we’ll have some new work up on the site in the next couple of weeks but in the mean time have a great evening and a fabulous weekend.