Proud to be involved in Support Newcastle.

We are proud to be involved in Support Newcastle; an initiative set up to support businesses in and around the Newcastle area during and after Covid19!

The businesses of Newcastle need the support of their community – you should get involved:

From Support Newcastle:

“So many people, families and businesses have been affected by COVID-19 and the closures that were necessary for all of our safety. Support Newcastle is a place for us to get together, find the best way to support our favourite local businesses and charities and do our bit to strengthen our community.”

They update their site regularly, adding more and more independent businesses. These businesses are run by our friends, our families, and our neighbours. You’ll find information on how to support these businesses best on the website. This might be leaving an online review, ordering online, or sharing a referral. Each business has different needs and different ways you can help. Browse and you might find a Newcastle gem you didn’t know about…