Rise and Design in Harrogate

The Sun Pavilion in Harrogate was the fantastic venue for last Friday’s Rise and Design hosted by Design Network North.

We were one of the guest speakers, with the theme being Food and Drink.

Appropriately arriving as the sun rose, the magnificent lofted glass ceiling shone light on us all as we prepared to listen to and discuss issues of brand and business.

Our talk was entitled, ‘Building Pyramids from Feathers’ and documented our relationship with Durham Gin in building a brand from the ground up.

The other speakers were Quorn, who spoke about their renewed purpose in creating a brand with sustainability credentials, and York Cocoa House, who illustrated their brand journey to date as they look to opening York Cocoa Works next month.

The discussions after the speeches were, as always, as interesting as the talks themselves – one conversation highlighting the complexities of helping clients value the role of brand strategy at the start of design projects.

This of course is an area we are keenly interested in and are always looking to find solutions to in our own communications with clients.

A positive, dynamic and blue-skied morning – illustrating the importance of sharing knowledge and seeking solutions.