Newcastle and London-based Wonderstuff recently worked on the packaging redesign for Sri Tea, aiming to build awareness of the health benefits behind the tea.

Sri Tea is a small, family-run health-tea business with a genuine passion to educate and innovate, that is leading the charge in bringing real tea back to the cups of Britain.

Sri Tea’s Marketing Director Said, “We believe that across the globe, but especially in Britain, the quality of tea and awareness of the health-benefits tea can bring is unacceptable. It’s our mission to change this one cup at a time! As our name suggests, Sri-Tea has close ties to Sri Lanka and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with our close friends at one of the country’s finest tea plantations in the sourcing and blending of our health-tea products.”

Paul Alderson, Founder at Wonderstuff, mentions, Wonderstuff’s challenge was to establish Sri Tea as the finest tea from Sri Lanka as they led the charge to bring real tea back to Britain. They wanted to move from a ‘low cost premium’ position to a ‘high value, authentic’ position as they developed their product offering in line with their markets needs. Their existing packaging was predominantly black and had helped them develop awareness and sales, but lacked communicating the story, origins and values of the brand.

Sri Tea 2

The solution Wonderstuff developed retained the black as a visual anchor for the brand, but brought the packaging, and story to life with the use of richer images and textures, along with maps to demonstrate the origins of the tea. The fourteen Tea varieties are differentiated by colour and each variety is individually named.

Sri Tea 6

Sri Lanka’s relationship with tea began in 1824 with the arrival of tea to the country’s Botanical Gardens. From here Sri Lanka has grown to become one of the worlds leading tea-producing nations, with its former name – Ceylon – synonymous the world over with tea of the highest-quality.