Yesterday’s NEExpo was a great opportunity for networking and sharing business conversation. There were over 200 stands, and we had some excellent chats with people about their brand and communications – hearing about a diverse range of individual challenges.

We ran one of the 30 seminars,  speaking about how understanding, creating and managing audience touchpoints, improves brand experience.

Titled ‘Your brand is a toilet’, and using bathroom facilities as an example of a brand touchpoint, we advised delegates to focus attention on the key customer journey stages (awareness, engagement, experience and reflection) when conducting a touchpoint analysis.

Knowing where the touchpoints are, who manages them, and what impact each decision and perception has, helps organisations to design customer experience that reinforce and reiterate the relevant brand associations at these points.

In taking this strategic approach to developing brand experience, we illustrated how this builds trust with consumers, creates loyalty, and encourages them to become advocates for the organisation and its products and services.

The Q and A session at the end illustrated the different concerns individual businesses had with the experiences they were trying to create – with particular difficulty being reported during the sensitive communications around engagement.


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