Last week I had the pleasure of talking to a client for a couple of hours as part of a project to evolve their branding, and documenting their brand’s values.

I’ve worked with this client for over 18 months, and we’ve helped her align her digital look and feel with her fabulous boutique bridal store. We talked at the outset of the journey all those months ago about the branding needing to be updated, but time and budget meant other areas had to take priority; now, the time is right for her to update the branding. But that’s not what this article is about.

Honey has run the boutique – a family-owned business originally run by herself and her mum, and based in the Lake District, for over 20 years, and as with all long term relationships (and current events) she’d lost some of the love for her day-to-day, as she’d been focused on the here and now, not the why.

During our conversation, Honey told me the story of her degree in fashion, her family’s fashion heritage, and how she started the business.

As the story unfolded, she fell back in love with her passion, her why, her reason to open up every day, and help brides to be. To help them find the perfect wedding dress for who they are, not who other people think they should be.

It’s a beautiful story. And it will now become part of the brand. Part of the journey that her customers will see and understand. And the fuel for Honey to drive her business forward.

Stories are powerful. For you and your customer. 

When did you last tell your story?