Can you even imagine it. I can.


I was talking this week about long term vision and the example I used was this; If the goal is to sell £1 million of cookies, you can create a brand that sells 1 million, £1 cookies.

Or you create a brand that sells 1, £1 million cookie. The goal is the same, but the way to realise it is very different.

Resources (time and money) would be utilised very differently. The two ‘routes’ would be different. Very different. And both would achieve the goal. As the owner of your organisation clarity over what your goal is, and how you will get there, is critical to being able to get your team on board, working toward that vision.

If you haven’t done it for a while, on Monday make sure you share your vision and your ‘route’ with your team. And maybe some cookies too.

Paper leaves an impression

Ben Couture sent us his lovely booklet – 3rd Space. A collection of words and images from some of our projects and the people who make them unique.

It arrived in a mid-grey uncoated envelope. It’s printed in the main on an off white, smooth paper – with short, bright orange leaves, and a heavily flecked, uncoated cover.

It made an impression on me.

We know Ben a little, we met some years ago, and have always liked his work. Now, with this booklet, we believe in his work. The quality of the paper you use in your print matters.

It adds to the message, and to the perception of your organisation. Basic paper stocks are of value. Good quality paper stocks add value. If you’re working on some printed material this week.

Find some good paper. Feel it. Choose one that leaves an impression.

Best Visual Identity Design Specialists

It’s a lovely award to win and reflects our core strength and expertise. Over the first decade of Wonderstuff we’ve had colleagues, and clients, come and go as our paths overlapped.

We’ve created visual identities that have helped our colleagues explore and push their skills, and clients to grow their brands and organistions.

One thing that has never changed has been my belief in the quality of work we must deliver, and our desire to improve every day.

This is one of our 4 core values; We are inherently ambitious and strive to improve every day.

Which of your core values have you seen in action in your organisation recently?

Packaging in production

We’re about to send some packaging to print. The project has included name generation, identity development, packaging design, website planning, and a good amount of advice.

And this is only the start of the journey for this client. Whilst we’ve been busy for months on the various aspects of the project, the hard work starts soon.

Marketing and sales.

They go hand in hand to bring brands into the consciousness of their audience, and into their hands.

We know from experience that our packaging helps clients get their products into stores, and off shelves. We also know that great packaging alone is not enough…

What’s your story?

Know why. Then do.