Time is easy. Attention is hard.

Don’t ask how your new brand agency how long the project will take. Instead, start by considering how much attention you will assign to the project.

Having worked with many business owners of the last ten years, and being asked this very question – I can honestly say that more project timelines are derailed by lack of attention from the client, than from lack of time from us.


Here’s why.

It’s always at the top of our list to assign time, plan workloads – and deliver on them. We’re working towards your future. And you’re paying us to help you get you there.

It’s always at the bottom your list to review, consider, provide assets, and reply – because even though you know the work we’re doing together is important, fire fighting in your daily business finds its way to the top of your to-do list.

How to fix it. When you’re ready to start working towards your organisations brand future, assign time each week specifically to the project. Then use this time, aligned with your brand partners timeline, to make sure you have the mental space to review and reply.

Schedule your time to build your brand future. It will help you build your businesses future.

Know why. Then do.