Transform Conference Europe; The annual conference on Brand


On Thursday, July 7th 2016 Paul (Founder) and Merlin (Brand Consultant) attended the Transform Conference Europe. Titled as “The annual conference for rebranding, reposting and transformation” and with a host of great speakers including;

The rest of the speakers were also senior people at well known brands and organisations and subjects covered Telling a brand’s true story, Rebranding, and Brand in the built environment amongst other subjects. You can see the full list of speakers here.

The day was packed with talks, knowledge, opinions and thoughts on what the big brands are up to, how they understand brand, and branding, and how they use these to communicate well with their audiences.

Whilst we could write in depth on each individual talk, the one large thing that we took away was that big or small, organisations all face the same issues of understanding their brand, and implementing it across their organisation and their branding. And that simply understanding these are intertwined, but separate elements is an issue in itself.

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