What is brand? Some might say your brand is your logo or tagline; however, a clever picture and catchy phrase are only part of the equation, not the entire package. Brand is the personality of your organisation and the easiest way to judge your brand is by what your audiences think about you.

Brand is much more than a name or a logo. Brand is everything and everything is Brand.

Think about it: everything your organisation does creates an impression. From your logo and website, to your sales strategy and your internal processes, your organisation is constantly creating a perception for your audiences. Measure this perception and compare it to your key stakeholder’s opinion(s), and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how your organisations brand is performing.

In todays crowded markets you have to ensure your brand is performing. Instead of just communicating the features and benefits of your products or services, you need to be also communicating your brands purpose, vision, values, position, and promise. These are the five areas that define your brand and being open and honest about these will ensure your brand can succeed. Like all relationships, good consumer relationships are based on a foundation of trust, authenticity and purpose.

How you look + How you act + How you speak = Your Brand

You must think about your brand as the relationship you have with your consumers. But remember like any authentic relationship it’s never one sided. Your brand is as much about how your consumers feel about you, as it is about what you say. Don’t force your values on your consumers, just understand the value you offer them. After all that’s why they are with you and that’s why they will stay.

Since 2009 Wonderstuff have been working hard with one clear purpose; to add value to businesses through effective design. In order to do this we work with clients and not for them. This ensures we understand the client and their business and are able to produce work that not only fulfils the agreed brief but delivers mesureable results.

To find out more about Wonderstuff and how we can help you stand out contact Kevin Robson, Head of Business at kevin@www.wonderstuff.co