World Street Food
Brand Position, Brand Identity, Signage, Marketing, Printed Materials
North East England
2018 – 2019
Customer feedback and poor sales confirmed that while Canaca’s food was great – the overall customer experience needed attention.
With sales – and confidence in the business – dropping, Somia and Mark approached Wonderstuff to help them explore, define, and communicate the brand and style of food clearly – and build a platform for their goal of future expansion.
The Opportunity
Trying to stand out in a competitive and growing marketplace.
Canaca has a well-positioned location to capitalise on high passing footfall and a strong local student population. Mixed brand messages and high competition made driving the footfall into the restaurant a challenge.
The Solution
A strong new position and branding to match.
The Solution A strong new position and branding to match. With a new position explored and agreed Wonderstuff developed a strong visual identity for the brand, a bold and colourful approach, utilising strong typography and illustrations to reflect the World Street Food which Canaca offered, alongside adding a touch of humour to the brand communications.
Canaca flyer design in use
Canaca Flyer Design
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