Creating a new brand to target business users of Apple products and support ever more challenging IT needs.
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Building a business with a clear IT audience focus

Born out of an existing business in order to serve its clients better, DARE had a clear goal. Already having a strong understanding of its client needs, the newly created business needed a brand that aligned with the existing business whilst providing a clear difference and appeal for its audience.

The team leading DARE had recently been through the rebrand of their established business so knew at the outset the role they wanted to play in shaping the new brand, and that they needed established expertise in brand and design to support them in the new journey.
The Opportunity
Create a laser focussed brand to appeal to it’s audience.
The new brand needed to send a clear message to clients about the focus of the business, and be created to appeal to the market with knowledge and understanding of their needs and technical expertise. Iconic and vibrant, the new logo would align with it’s high level partners to provide end-to-end confidence.

We worked with the senior team to develop the new identity and role it out across all key material. Signage, business stationery, a printed brochure and digital collateral all played their part in shaping the message, look, and feel of the brand.
The Solution
A fluid, modern identity that is built for it’s audience.
Built out of the architecture of the original businesses in order to align seamlessly, DARE was given a fluid, modern feel utilising a focussed colour colour pallet and a custom logotype.

A suite of icons all built on the fluid and circular nature of the icon were developed for the services, and bespoke illustrations created for the communications material and website.
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